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I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. we arrived on a rainy November day after leaving a summer that had just started in Sydney (just to make the weather transition smooth 😂), we had many luggage, a 2-year-old toddler, a big half-way-through pregnant belly, and so many hopes for our new life. that first week we decided to go visit my husband’s new office on Fenchurch st and took the northern line at 8:30 am to Bank station, I remember kneeling in front of my toddler and making train sounds to keep him distracted from the crazy amount of people that were surrounding him! then holding the stroller (as well as my pregnant belly) for something like 267 stairs to finally find which of the many exits we needed to take and get out of that maze 🤯. I hated it. The same week I opened google maps and found out we had a big park and a small city farm right next to us. the day we visited them something shifted, I was in love especially with the park, and I thought that even if I couldn’t easily move around the city with small kids I could make my life between that park and the farm and it made me happy. the thing is, we ended up learning how to move around the city, and we discovered not only that one but SO many beautiful parks over these years. By far the most beautiful parks in the world happen to be in London. I learnt about playgroups as a way to meet mums, I learnt to move without a car with my double buggy pretty much everywhere, to avoid peak hours and to move only to stations with lift access and walk from there, I discovered the joy of walking with a hot coffee in my hand on cold days, I learnt the fastest way to get the kids ready in winter, I learnt about mince pies and mulled wine, about mashed peas, about why people wear poppies in November or why people camp for Wimbledon, about the big smoke, about the bubble show at the Science Museum and the big T-Rex at the Natural History Museum, about world book day...and so much more. I learnt and discovered many things over these years and I (slowly) fell in love with this city, with its people and its traditions, with its parks, its history-in-every-corner and especially with Wimbledon and its village feel and sense of community. but apart from the beauty of this city and the many things learnt and discovered, this is where I learnt to be a mum of 2 ❤️❤️. the city that allowed me to have an intense and close experience with my boys, walking around the sunny but mostly rainy days, first by myself then with friends, discovering together, learning and growing together. THANK YOU, London. You will forever have a special place in my heart. and thank you each of those whom we crossed paths with here, each of you had an incredible impact in our lives, and thank you Wimbledon, you will always be my London’s fav spot. today, nearly 4 years later, we farewell London, on a rainy summer day, ready for a summer that's about to start in Sydney. 🚀


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