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Sydney Family Photography

Hi! I am Fabi. 

I am originally from Venezuela, where I grew up and my passion for photography started, capturing the gorgeous Caribbean coast and taking my camera pretty much everywhere while working as a film producer. 

Looking for new adventures, I moved with my husband to Australia in 2009, where I started doing travel photography and studied Photojournalism at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney. 

After a few years of living and working in Australia, we decided to take an opportunity in London, and four years later, in late 2019, we moved back to Sydney, the place we call home!

While all this was happening, our family was growing, and we are lucky to have two incredible boys now aged 8 & 10, who keep us busy and inspired! 

For over the last twelve years, I have been lucky to transform my passion for photography into a business, running it in Sydney and London and being able to meet and photograph many families and businesses along the way. 

When I am not shooting or editing, you will find me running to school's pick-up, cooking arepas, making lists of new places I want to go to in Sydney or around the world, recording my motherhood podcast and trying to soak every second with my kids in! 


I am unapologetically passionate and intense and I take that to every part of my life. I give every session my 100%, and I am always looking forward to the next one. 

Sydney Family Photography
Sydney Family Photography
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