about me

Hi! I am Fabi. 

I am originally from Venezuela, where I grew up and my passion for photography started, capturing the gorgeous Caribbean coast and taking my camera pretty much everywhere while working as a film producer. 

Looking for new adventures I moved with my husband to Australia in 2009, where I started doing travel photography and studied Photojournalism at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney. 


After a few years of living and working in Australia, we decided to take an opportunity in London, and four years later, in late 2019, we moved back to Sydney, the place we call home!

Becoming a mum in 2014 made me obsessed with the idea of how quickly babies grow and the fast pace of life in general. I realised that I wanted to focus my photography on making memories everlasting and capturing those unique first years of life. Which is why I have been capturing families and tiny babies for the last 8 years. 

When I am not working you'll find me 



I love natural light and I strongly believe you can't get better light and colors than outdoors, under the natural light and surrounded by nature - It was a great challenge for me to find beautiful light in the midst of London's winter and I pride myself of shooting outside all year round, against all odds. 

I also find inspiring to capture families in their own environment, and I think sometimes there is no better place than home for this! 

For me, the focus of the session is on the essence and character of each family, that's why I use minimal props (and ask my clients to dress as if they would be going for a walk at the park!).

I have a very relaxed style, I love capturing children and families spontaneously. I encourage children to run and explore around, I am fascinated with their multiple expressions when they are simply discovering their world. I tend to mix between natural shots and classic portraits.

Sounds like what you are looking for?