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Motherhood, what a journey!

Our lives become busy, they are filled with nappy changes, school drop-offs, pickups, activities, birthday parties, park plays, walks, cooking, washing, swimming... and endless to-do lists.

We get so busy that it's easy to forget what really matters: our PRESENCE. The everyday moments together with our kids, the moments when we are fully engaged, connecting and getting to know each other.

I have to confess (and if you follow me on social media you might know this already) that I am a bit obsessed with how fast time goes, living in a constant state of nostalgia for the moments that don't come back.

Being a nostalgic person works against me as I get sad many days longing for past moments, but at the same time, it helps me appreciate more each day with my boys and work harder in being present.

I think my fascination with photographing families partly came from that feeling of nostalgia, for wanting to make memories everlasting and somehow pause moments in time.

Every year for Mother's Day I offer specials to photograph moments of motherhood, as a way to encourage mums to capture their journey and to get in the frame. To capture your smiles together, the way you look at each other, just as you are today, as you want your kids to remember you. As you want to remember your time together.

This is a time in the year (or an excuse!) to celebrate you. We are not perfect, but hey, we all try our very best, each and every day.

Let's get our hugs and smiles captured for the years to come. Come celebrate your journey with me.

Fabi x

Mother's Day Specials 2022

Moments of motherhood $510

1-hour session

10 high-resolution photos

You choose the time and location (according to availability)

Motherhood minis $400

20 min. session

10 high-resolution images

Sunday 10th April PM: North Shore Sydney Park &

Wednesday 27th April PM: Chinamans Beach


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