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3 beautiful Sydney walks to try on the next school holidays

Recently, we've had the opportunity to do great walks as a family, I think the kids' ages (4 & 6) and the fact that we are using the pram very little these days makes it easier - plus it's exciting being able to go on adventures again without carrying too many things with us as we have had for the last couple of years! 

Here are 3 walks that we found fantastic and the kids would love!

- Berrenjoey Lighthouse Walk, Palm Beach. You may have to drive a bit to get there but the atmosphere and the views are definitelly worth the trip!

The walk itself takes about 20min (40min eturn) and you have the option of taking the steps (The Smugglers' Track) o a walking trail (The Access Trail). We did the trail on the way up, then had our picnic, and took the steps on the way down. No one was too tired and the kids loved the feeling of achievement from seeing the lighthouse from the beach and then reaching it! Pack enough water and sun protection!

Parking: Park at the Governor Phillip car park, then walk along the Station Beach until you find a little house with the walk signs.

Food: Sometimes you may find an ice cream truck by the beach for a cheeky start! We brought food with us and had a picnic at the top, next to the lighthouse. Another great option could be to finish the walk with a nice meal at the Boathouse, which is only 100 m from the car park. 

- Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens to The Opera House: This is a geat an easy walk along the habour, pefect to do it slowly with kids.

Paking: I usually park on Mrs. Macquaie Road (a bit expensive but makes your life easier) and then walk from there to the Opera House by the water.

Food: I recommend having a picnic by the gardens as they are plenty of beautiful spots! You can also get takeaway coffee from the Botanic House right in the middle of the park - or even make it to The Opera Bar and enjoy some wedges with the spectacular view!

- North Head Sanctuary. I actually did this one by myself recently but can't wait to take the kids over the Holidays as it seems perfect for them too. It's a longer (up to 2h walk if you do it slowly) but I believe you can still do it with them with a few stops in between, and it's completely flat which makes it easier for everyone.

Parking: You need to park at the Gunner Road Car Park (North Head Sanctuary), and start from there. The trail is a loop and it will take you back to your car.

Food: There's nothing along the way so make sure you pack plenty of snacks and water!

Enjoy! - and let me know if you try them!


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