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half term fun - this week's big favourite

Even though I consider myself a big planner and really enjoy to plan stuff ahead, I must say that these half term holidays always get me by surprise, I am still getting around the whole idea of the school's calendar and never really organise something in particular for it.

This time I committed myself to make the best of their holiday week (probably because I was working on a project the 2 weeks before it and was SO excited to spend quality time with my boys). So I went online and did my homework to check for various options to do, and it was so worthy! We did many exciting things, as well as enjoyed their fav local park and also had some much-needed slow mornings at home.

Among everything, the plan we all enjoyed the most was The Wetlands Centre's Puddle Jumping Championships (not really a "competition" itself but a nice area to get dirty and go crazy in the mud!). The muddy zone is open this week (until this Sunday, 24th Feb) and they do twice a day a muddy kitchen which my kids absolutely loved, they spent a good hour cooking and