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Gemma, Dick, Phoebe and Lily

A photo shoot to be inspired, to be reminded of what matters and above all, a photo shoot to celebrate life!

I photographed Gemma last Sunday, exactly a year after she underwent surgery after being diagnosed with 3c bowel cancer.

Her lovely mum friends put together a care package for her including a photo shoot. In an incredible demonstration of character and resilience, she was determined to only get her photos done after completing her treatment.

1 year, 2 surgeries, 12 rounds of chemo and an “all clear” scan later there we were, doing her photos, with Gemma looking as stunning as ever, at a special place and surrounded by her favourite people. She had the resolve to be on the other side of cancer for the shoot, and she did it.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have been given the chance to celebrate and photograph her health and happiness.

Cancer not only found in Gemma a fierce and courageous fighter who kicked its butt, she’s also worked closely with the Bowel Cancer Australia Foundation to create awareness, wrote a book about her journey with bowel cancer in a very personal way, and has also created merchandise to support others. Check her work out at:

Gemma, you’re a true inspiration.


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