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Travel & Nature

When I first started taking photos years ago in my home country, Venezuela, I used to take my camera with me when working as a film field producer - using the excuse of location scouting to capture beautiful places!

Years after, my newlywed husband surprised me with an African Safari for our honeymoon, and I was the happiest girl photographing nature and wildlife in the best possible place! A dream. I could have stayed in Kenya forever, but of course, we didn't, a big move to Australia was waiting for us.

In my first months in Sydney, my camera never let me get bored, while I hadn't found a job or studying, I took my camera around the city and it was a great way to get to know my new city and to capture its gorgeous beaches and surroundings.

After years of self-learning I signed up for the Australian Centre of Photography and studied Photojournalism. I then opened my first blog, dedicated to travel and nature, I used to post about my favorite camping trips, recommending restaurants to eat or to stay in places we travelled, or simply sharing nature and wildlife pictures.

Even though it's changed over the years, this is how my journey started! And I'd been wanting to create a dedicated gallery on my website with a compilation of pictures taken both recently and over the last years.

My travel & nature gallery is now ready. Yay! You can now find it under "work" on my website, enjoy! x


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